Tuesday, June 2, 2015

Blog Train Freebie is now closed

Thank you to all who commented on my part of the Blog Train at www.ivyscraps.com for May 2015. The Blog Train has now reached the end of the line, but my kit will be in the 'Gift Shop' shortly, along with a few extra papers and elements that were given as bonuses for the two challenges I host at Ivy Scraps each month - Create a Scrap Lift and Create a Slow Scrap.

May was a very busy month here as we got the campground up and into it's second season as part of Sun RV Communities. We're still known as Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park, Woodridge, NY - our 21st year with them, and looking forward to a great season.
ATC Challenge, June 2015 - hosted by Bernie

This little ATC was created for Bernie's June 2015 challenge at Ivy Scraps. With all the hustle and bustle of May, I was unable to get my Mini Pixel kit finished in time. This month, our designers created Wedding kits. The papers and elements from this ATC are from my part. As I was unable to complete mine, my papers and elements will be awarded as completion bonuses for my two challenges. Come join in the fun and get some super freebies, just for playing along with some really great people.

Saturday, May 2, 2015

A Special Blog Train freebie from Ivy Scraps

Celebrate Each Day with Gloria

After being away from my blog for so long I've almost forgotten how to enter things here. This weekend I had to get her dusted off as we are honoring my wonderful mentor and dear friend, Gloria ValVerde with a blog hop on National Scrapbooking Day at www.ivyscraps.com!

By now, you've probably collected all the pieces up to mine - I believe I am the caboose on this train - and wouldn't you know, my part didn't upload when it was supposed to, early this morning. Thank you Nelleke, for bringing the omission to my attention.

Gloria does so much for each and every one of us at Ivy Scraps, including writing and publishing our newsletter every month with thought-provoking editorials. Gloria - you honor each of us in so many ways - finally, we get to honor YOU! So much love and hugs going your way!


Gloria loves her grandchildren and also loves to go camping in her RV 'rosebud', with her hubby, Robert and family - so collect all these limited-time freebies, all those photos you want to work on, then bring your chair over to Gloria's Welcome Mat by her campfire, and have a wonderful time creating your own memory books. If you're looking for a great digital scrapbook plce to join - head over to www.ivyscraps.com - we also have a mind-boggling new member kit. If you are new to digital scrapbooking - these kits are a really great way to start building your stash!

This freebie is only available for a limited time - and is for Personal Use Only. Please be courteous and give credits when you use any kits or photos.


Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Digital Freebie Kit for June Color Challenge at Ivy Scraps

Digital Freebie Kit, June 2012

This month turned into quite a dilemma for me with my Color Challenge Kit at Ivy Scraps. I wanted to focus on Dads, but had trouble with the color palette, and kept veering off into softer themes, which the palette was more conducive to. I finally ended up with a bit of both. This month's full-size, Personal Use Only freebie has 11 papers at 300 dpi, jpeg and 18 embellishments at 300 dpi, png, all created by me, including the photo used in the photo paper.

I'm really enjoying my move to Ivy Scraps - it was long overdue. Having my first store there is really exciting . . . I just need a few more hours in my day to get more items in there! Come take a look at www.ivyscraps.com/store2/.

To join in the challenges and get another wonderful color challenge kit, head over to www.ivyscraps.com/forum. The challenges have been really fun - even an ATC, which is a small format challenge. If you have any quirky, faux critter pics tucked away - come join us and show us what your fun critters are.

I look forward to seeing your great layouts with this kit. There have been some amazing ones at Ivy Scraps over the past two months since I moved over there. I also hope to have more items in my store in the next week or so. Don't forget that I have a Quick Page freebie that goes with my first store kit, Country Roads.

Friday, June 1, 2012

TravlynWomyn Originals is now open at Ivy Scraps

I am sooo excited and hyped up. Before, reluctantly, closing the door to my former digital hangout I accepted an invitation to peek around at Ivy Scraps.

It was amazing - as soon as I entered it felt as if I had walked into a mind-boggling  surprise party - for ME! So many friends who left the former site some time ago were there, arms open wide. Even those who didn't know me were enthusiastic with their greetings.

After all those years of procrastinating, I finally conceded, signed on the dotted line, and officially opened my very first digital scrapbooking store early yesterday morning - and already have my first kit sold! How exciting is THAT!

Country Roads has been 'under construction' for awhile now, and I am deslighted with how it turned out. As a small thank you, I also created a freebie for you  - a quick page with spaces for 2 photos plus a title or journaling. There's lots of room to add your own personalization - you could even add calendar months in the photo spaces.

Just click on the link, and go to TravlynWomyn Originals in the designer list to get this freebie or treat yourself to my kit.

For my loyal Blog Fans - never fear, Ivy Scraps also has a monthly color challenge, and you will still link to that through here. The colors aren't posted yet for June, but once they are, I'll be busy in my 'studio' getting something together, as I did with my first digital freebie for Ivy Scraps last month.

I do hope you'll show me how you use both my kit and the freebie quick page.

Friday, August 1, 2008

An Unexpected Sort of Day

August is here already. One more month and it will be time to hook up the truck and fifth wheel and say farewell to the Catskills. This summer has been so full of wonderful sights and terrific management staff, coworkers and seasonal campground guests.
The images in the top layout are from Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park at Birchwood Acres in Woodridge, New York, where I've been working since April. The bottom layout features some of the area sights - there's something for everyone here. Last Tuesday we took a drive along Rt 97 - much of which follows - or was part of - the former D & H Canal. We stopped at the Roebling bridge - built as an aqueduct across the Delaware River, bringling the former canal from Honesdale, PA , to Rondout, NY. Now it is a single-lane car bridge and automobile traffic crosses it instead of mule-driven river barges. I chose to walk across the unique suspension bridge (which was designed by the builder of the Brooklyn Bridge) along the towpathfrom New York to Pennsylvania. While crossing I was treated to the sight of a magnificent bald Eagle who calmly sat at the top of a tall pine tree, watching the river rafters floating by lazily below.
The Zane Grey Museum is close by on the Pennsylvania side, where the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers meet. Michael located the camp he once attended, over 6 decades ago - and later spent summers working as a waiter. It's closed now - a few of the old buildings are faintly visible through the overgrowth, but much of the property has since been sold and is home to delightful homes and beautiful gardens. Unfortunately the museum was closed, but the drive from Pt Jervis was beautiful.
Fortunately, I gave up my day off yesterday to fill in for a coworker. Unfortunately, it did not end up being an extra day as I woke up with a strange virus this morning and was unable to work. Friday is the worst day to be adsent in Reservations as our phones start ringing well before 9 am and don't slow down til about two - when the mass weekend check-in begins. It's the first day I've missed since we arrived so I feel terrible about that, but definitely was unable to pull my weight over there.
After sleeping most of the unexpected day off I decided to see if I could stay awake long enough for a long-overdue blog entry. But now, it's time to go and lay back down again for awhile.

Monday, July 7, 2008

Recycled Lighthouse Patio Light Cover

OK, I admit it . . . I'm a compulsive recycleholic. There. It's an admitted fact. Fortunately, recycling is a good thing . . . until I start sqirrelling things away . . . and then it's not. Especially when I live in a house on wheels that's 8' wide (closed up) and 31' long. 'Storage' is severely restricted . . . until a fun brain fart like this one pops out and is well-received.

This project got its 'seed' from some square racketball sleeves. I've been making different awning light covers for some time that are more fragile, and the square sleeves are ideal to stack the light covers in and protect them in transit.

Jokingly, one of the girls in our campground store asked if I might want a tennis ball sleeve one day (we sell the balls individually and discard the empty sleeves). I took a couple home and then the idea came to turn them into awning light (or patio light) covers.

My original intent was to use a graphics program to create a pattern on my computer which I could print out and place inside the cylinder, then paint the design on the outside . . . obviously, during the process, a typical-for-me entirely different direction emerged.

About two years ago I found http://thecraftypc.com online. I don't recall what type of product I was Googling at the time - yes I do - transfer papers for the jigsaw puzzles featured in the right hand column here (which are great). While exploring The Crafty PC website I discovered Backlight Film - and a Wedding Light pattern that I've since redesigned into my awning light covers.

As my design emerged, it took on a life of its own. With the bottom of the cylinder painted black to become the top of the lighthouse, I only needed a flat pattern to roll up and insert into the cylinder. I used basic shapes which I filled with color then tweaked with filters (the red and white bands, door and windows). I then cut out the window panes and diamonds from the light room at the top.

Originally, I intended for these areas to remain clear, then decided to add a 'reflection'. Off to my digital images, and I opened one of my colorful Florida Sunsets and placed it as the bottom layer. Having previously cut away all the glass areas, I was able to work with the sunset image until it looked right through every window - but keeping in mind that the top light would be meeting along the seam.

Aftter that, I added greenery from an image of a flower bed here at the campground - again, being aware that it had to match up on the sides.

For a little added zest, it was back to my image collection and this time, the siding of a houseboat on nearby White Lake was the perfect accent for the shutters. To give them a bit more zing, I went to my digital scrapping collection and found hinges and potential door knob from Scrap Girls, Eternal Love kit.

Add a few pertinent shadows and a few other tweaks and I had my pattern.

I printed it out on The Crafty PC's Backlight Film and let it dry for a few hours. Two coats of The Crafty PC's Decal Finishing and Inkjet Overcoat Spray (again, letting it dry between coats), one last 2-hour drying spell, and I was able to trim the paper to size.

All I need now is to get the light hole for Christmas Tree lights drilled to size and I'll be ready to hang it. In the meantime, the second pattern is underway - I'm aiming for a set of six lights.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

My first Quick Pages, with credit to Gloria Val Verde at Moo Two Designs

Moo Two Designs designer, Gloria Val Verde, is the moderator of their monthly 'Impromptu Challenge'. For new/seasoned digital scrappers, Moo Two Designs offers a wide range of everything related to digital scrapping. All the members are helpful and encouraging - and really take the time to answer any questions or make suggestions.

This month, Gloria's 'Impromptu Challenge' is two create Brag Book Quick Pages using actually three of her kits - I've Got the Blues and Mini Monday 5 (freebie) in blue tones, and the green-themed I'm Feeling Green. Through the end of the month Gloria is offering the blue and green kits at a ridiculously low price that are worth far, far more. (No, she has no clue that I'm writing this on my blog).

I have never created Quick Pages before, so this was an intriguing project for me. When I work with my own images, I can do what I want with the papers and embellishments. In designing QPs, I discovered that I had to be aware of how someone might 'drop in' the images they wish to add in the future and create the pages so that doing so is not an insurmountable challenge.

Keeping that in mind was a whole new concept. These three kits had so many items I like - paisleys, plaids, tags, ribbons, journal papers, flowers, a calendar, and swirlies - just so many things to explore and experiment with. At first I was slightly daunted, but bit by bit everything fell into place and I'm sharing my first two pages here on my blog.

I also try to keep my slide shows updated, with my Moo Two layouts in a slide show of their own, as I do with TLC Creations, where I first started learning how to create Digital Scrap layouts a few months ago.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, 1969 - Revisited

This layout is a composite of my sensory feelings after visiting the MUSEUM at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts last Wednesday. The central image is three-in-one - the outside of the beautiful museum, a hippy-style bus - typical of many that crossed the country to get to the amazing music extravaganza which was held on these grounds in Bethel, New York on August 15, 16 and 17, 1969, and the present-day ampitheater, where music can still be heard across the Catskills on summer nights - but not at $6 per day.

My preceding blog which summarizes my experience at this amazing facility was too long to include the image, so I'm posting it separately. Please leave some feedback, either in the comments or the IM window in the side column. Thank you. I hope you are able to visit the museum. Tickets are available on line at BethelWoodsCenter.org.

the MUSEUM at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts

Yes, sometimes we CAN go back in time . . .

. . . and the newly-opened MUSEUM at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts, in Bethel, New York, is proof of that. With its emphasis on the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair, which was held on its grounds, August 15, 16 and 17, 1969, the whole 60's era is fully explored through visual and sensory sights, sounds and memories. The politics musical evolution, the Vietnam-era draft, the assassinations of the Kennedy Brothers and Dr martin Luther King, Jr, and Man's first steps on the moon. All of this, and so much more, is fully explored in an amazing museum which took three years to create.

Every 'Flower Power/Hippie' cliche came to mind as we passed through the entry doors of the beautiful building last Wednesday. It's a 'Happening' in its own right. If you were in attendance during those three memorable days in 1969, you recall that it was NOT held in Woodstock, New York.

After the promotor's family was threatened by local residents who rallied against the possibility of 10,000 'rabble-rousing hippies and druggies' invading their peaceful town for 3 days, another location was sought out. The second choice was beautiful White Lake - but as the attendee numbers appeared to be swell beyond the original figure, that site was considered too small.

Eventually a farmer named Gelish, with a great location in nearby Bethel,agreed at the last minute to host the Woodstock music extravaganza on his property, just outside the peaceful hamlet.

With peaceful, rolling hills, and magnificent views of the Catskills, the mood was set. Getting all the equipment, stage, fencing, and other requirements into position was another matter. It was a hopeless task, yet the stage hands and workers got it together - almost. The fencing never was completed.

Advance tickets were sold for $6.00 per day. Yup. $18 bought you three days of live music - from rock, to country, to soul, folk and everything in between. Getting the bands was a feat in itself - many did not want to perform in an outdoor field in rural New York. Eventually, new names, like Crosby, Stills and Nash as well as the young Greatful Dead and Janis Joplin were among the notable and new who decided to give it a chance, being paid from $3,000 - $15,000 each for their onforgettable performances.

As the list of performers' names grew, so too did the crowds. Friends of ours said they drove as far as Monticello, but the traffic tieups were so bad that they turned around and went home.

From Sea to Shining Sea they came - waves of excited music lovers, swelling beyond any conceivable numbers. For those few who bought tickets there was no special seating. Days before the first bar of music sailed out over the Catskills, the masses started to arrive.

The anticipated fencing was worthless. Thousands trampled over the downed wire and onto the grounds. There wasn't enough food and getting to a Porta-Potty became a half-day adventure. To make it worse, the weather took a nosedive. Along with the sea of people - almost 400,000 - came waves of rain and thunderstorms and lightning.

In spite of the horrendous conditions, the music ruled. The music rocked. The music rolled. And the constantly moving tides of people rocked and rolled along with it. One attendee said that the whole experience was amazing. Everyone looked out for their neighbor and gave what they could to make someone with less more comfortable.

Food was brought in by helicopter when roads were too blocked by travelers to get supplies through. Most of the musicians arrived by air too, stunned by the unexpected sea of faces waiting to greet their musical idols and listen as their songs and sounds were emotionally fused deeply into each man, woman and child present. Unanimously, in later interviews, they all admitted to being wholly absorbed by the outpouring of love and appreciation for the musical gifts they brought.

Not even the terrible weather could stop the performances. The Greatful Dead gave a phenomenal performance - without any power. Yet, even though they played at night, in the dark, their music was heard - and appreciated.

In the creation of this beautiful museum, many images and video were located - much of which has never been seen or heard until now. It was all documented and recorded.

Meandering through and around all the displays, sounds and video presentations, visitors are transported through the tumultuous decade that was the 60's. The styles, the music, the men and women who shaped the decade with such energy that the relevance is palpable even today.

Janis Joplin, in an interview on the Dick Cavett Show after Woodstock, explained her heart-wrenching style in the need to hear women speak out from their core and fing their true selves and voices - not a popular idea of the times, when we were still being encouraged to be seen and not heard.

And, Muhammad Ali - then known as Cassius Clay. Nowadays he's beloved by so many. A gentle man with a huge heart. In the 60s we thought him pompous and loud-mouthed. When he refused to accept the draft everyone was in shock and dumbfounded by his audacity. On Wednesday I read the words he spoke as to WHY he refused to fight. Take the time to do so. Please read his words. Everyone. His words were prophetic, and totally understandable. Let our government leaders read them today - aloud - and let the words sink in. Sadly, they still apply.

As for the Hippies and drugs. Take the time to listen to all who spoke out to make this wonderful experience - the MUSEUM at bethel Woods Center for the Arts - come alive. The Hippies taught us how to work as a team united. At Woodstock, people helped each other to get through bad trips - not by giving them medicine with long-lasting negative effects, but instead, they walked the affected through their demons and out the other side. In turn, those people, stronger emotionally, also helped others after. It was a poerful, healing time for many.

By the time you reach the final, 20-minute documentary, in a beautifully appointed theater, there is still one more doorway - a room in which you can record your own experiences of the time - for future visitors to continue to enhance their visit.

Still wrapped in the aura of all we had just taken part in, I left the building firmly entrenched in the 60s once again. Down the hill, in the ampitheater, musicians were rehearsing for this weekend's performance. In the early summer afternoon, the colors were fresh and vibrant and lush carpets of dense, soft grass covered the area where once, 39 years ago, 400,000 enthusiastic music fans came to see and hear the bands and solo artists who are today's music legends in their own right.

The MUSEUM at Bethel Woods Center for the Arts is a must see, must feel experience.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Early Allergy Time

So much for having a day off - my nose is singing songs I've never heard of as I pop allergy pills, sniff nose drops and blow my nose non-stop with Puff's Vics' tissues. Today is a 'mizrable' day. Working on the computer isn't terribly constructive as even a 17' laptop screen is still sraining my eyes. I started out this morning by proofreading a friend's resumee online - when I really wanted to work on my latest images. Having to concede to trying to get some rest today goes against my instinct. My mind will continue to formulate thoughts and ideas while my body screams at me to rest awhile.

Fortunately I was able to see "Sex in the City" in Monticello, New York yesterday. For those of us 'SitY' fanatics, it was cleverly melded as a true extension of the series with all our favorite characters as well as two newbies adding fresh input. Everyone will fall in love with Carrie's new personal assistant, Louise from St Louis who has a penchant for designer handbags. The introduction cleverly leads to understand how the four best friends reached this point of their lives. I enjoyed it enormously - even with my allergies starting up.

And, on that nore - I'm off to the shower and - hopefully - a brief nap.