Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Digital Freebie Kit for June Color Challenge at Ivy Scraps

Digital Freebie Kit, June 2012

This month turned into quite a dilemma for me with my Color Challenge Kit at Ivy Scraps. I wanted to focus on Dads, but had trouble with the color palette, and kept veering off into softer themes, which the palette was more conducive to. I finally ended up with a bit of both. This month's full-size, Personal Use Only freebie has 11 papers at 300 dpi, jpeg and 18 embellishments at 300 dpi, png, all created by me, including the photo used in the photo paper.

I'm really enjoying my move to Ivy Scraps - it was long overdue. Having my first store there is really exciting . . . I just need a few more hours in my day to get more items in there! Come take a look at www.ivyscraps.com/store2/.

To join in the challenges and get another wonderful color challenge kit, head over to www.ivyscraps.com/forum. The challenges have been really fun - even an ATC, which is a small format challenge. If you have any quirky, faux critter pics tucked away - come join us and show us what your fun critters are.

I look forward to seeing your great layouts with this kit. There have been some amazing ones at Ivy Scraps over the past two months since I moved over there. I also hope to have more items in my store in the next week or so. Don't forget that I have a Quick Page freebie that goes with my first store kit, Country Roads.

Friday, June 1, 2012

TravlynWomyn Originals is now open at Ivy Scraps

I am sooo excited and hyped up. Before, reluctantly, closing the door to my former digital hangout I accepted an invitation to peek around at Ivy Scraps.

It was amazing - as soon as I entered it felt as if I had walked into a mind-boggling  surprise party - for ME! So many friends who left the former site some time ago were there, arms open wide. Even those who didn't know me were enthusiastic with their greetings.

After all those years of procrastinating, I finally conceded, signed on the dotted line, and officially opened my very first digital scrapbooking store early yesterday morning - and already have my first kit sold! How exciting is THAT!

Country Roads has been 'under construction' for awhile now, and I am deslighted with how it turned out. As a small thank you, I also created a freebie for you  - a quick page with spaces for 2 photos plus a title or journaling. There's lots of room to add your own personalization - you could even add calendar months in the photo spaces.

Just click on the link, and go to TravlynWomyn Originals in the designer list to get this freebie or treat yourself to my kit.

For my loyal Blog Fans - never fear, Ivy Scraps also has a monthly color challenge, and you will still link to that through here. The colors aren't posted yet for June, but once they are, I'll be busy in my 'studio' getting something together, as I did with my first digital freebie for Ivy Scraps last month.

I do hope you'll show me how you use both my kit and the freebie quick page.

Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Digital Scrap freebie, May 2012, Personal Use Only

Here's a second Personal Use Only Digital Scrapbook freebie for you this month. This one is the May Color Challenge at www.ivyscraps.com/forum. With 'Travel Time' as the theme - and, appropriately, my life style, you'd think it would be a no-brainer as a kit. There are some reat layouts, kits and challenges at Ivy Scraps, so please go take a look - and join in the fun! I've only been there a short time and am loving all the warm-hearted feedback - you will too.

For that very reason it actually became more complex, as I have photos I've taken all over the US within the color range. I finally had to be selective and concentrate on just a few. Still, this kit has items inspired from Niagara Falls, Canada, New York, Pennsylvania, Virginia, North Carolina, Michigan and Florida.

As this kit was created from my own photos, papers and embellishments, with no CU or clip art items used in any way, it is for Personal Use Only. No shares, no sales using any of my items, and no adding to any kits you may be putting together.

I enjoy all your great comments and emails - please remember to give me credit when using any of my items, and a link to your LO if I can feature it here on my blog.

Happy Scrapping !

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Digital Scrap Freebie, Personal Use Only

Here's my Personal Use Only Digital Scrap freebie for May 2012 for Moo Two Design's Paint the Barn Color Challenge. Be sure to go over to the forum at www.mootwodesigns.com/ and look at the rest of the goodies this month.

Things are going to get hectic now. The campground opened on May 1 and Seasonals are already coming in for the first weekend. It's our "Wake the Bears' weekend, and Yogi and BooBoo are grumbling like mad in their cozy bear den. They don't know what they want more - to sleep or go hunting for pic-a-nic baskets. Silly ol' bears. Luckily it's also our Scout Weekend, so we'll have lots of helpers to wake them up.

Thank you for all the wonderful comments last month. I saw some incredible layouts with my kit - got behind in posting as I've been busy training new staff and watching an eagle family about 6 miles from here!

Again, just a reminder that this kit was wholly designed and created by me, so please, no shares and no sales from any of my items. Also, never, ever, add them to any type of kit you are putting together, or take credit for them. Please credit me whenever you use any of my items - and send me a link so I can see them - or share here, with your permission.

Happy Cinco de Mayo and Mother's Day . . . oops - I better get my own cards going!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Ivy Scraps Color Challenge April 2012, Personal Use Digital Freebie

I'm expanding a bit. Many of my friends are happily designing and creating layouts at www.ivyscraps.com, so I decided to join in the activities. For the second time this month I have created a wholly original kit. Two papers are photo-inspired from my own photography, but everything else emerged from the April color palette for April at Ivy Scraps. Please remember, all my items are for Personal Use Only.

It's already  after 2am. My summer has begun in the Catskills for the fourth time. We're busy training new Workampers in Reservations. It can be a bit daunting at first, but the three we're already working with are off to a good start.

This weekend I'm off to Connecticut to spend time with Ivy, Michael's daughter. We always enjoy each other's company. When I get back on Sunday evening I'll have to buckle down and finish my part of the monthly collaboration for Moo Two Designs. We open the park on May 1. For now we're off work by 5pm and have our weekends off. Last Sunday was a perfect day to go waterfall hunting and check on the baby eagle at Rondout Reservoir.

Time to upload this preview, and then it's off to bed. When you create your personal LOs and hybrid items with my kit, please post a link so i can feature them. There have been some beautiful pages created with my freebie at the beginning of the month at Moo Two Designs.  Enjoy.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

April 2012 Freebie

Paint the Barn Color Challenge_Personal Use Only_Digital Scrap Freebie_ April 2012

What a treat. Oase, our administrator at Moo Two Designs was kind enough to post the color palette early for this monthly challenge. As I'll be off to New York early in the month, it was a great opportunity to take advantage of her head start.

This month there are a few photo papers from some of the spring flower photos I've been taking (it's both wonderful and scary to see everything in bloom so early). All elements are completely original designs by me, as are my papers.

A reminder - this kit is a freebie, but for Personal Use Only. Absolutely NO selling of any items you create from my kit. I had a great time working on this one with Spring in the air.

Do come over to www.mootwodesigns.com and join us in the forum. Oase has almost finished her part of this fun challenge, and our new monthly collab will be up shortly - filled with Mother's Day goodies.

Let me see what you come up with using this one. Post it in my gallery at Moo Two Designs and let me know if I can feature it here.

Happy Spring, Everyone!

Monday, March 5, 2012

Just Beachy Paint the Barn Color Challenge Freebie, March 2012 (click here)

Created for Moo Two Designs - Digital Freebie - Personal Use ONLY, March 2012

On this Florida trip I've taken so many photos that this month's color palette for the Paint the Barn Color Challenge at www.mootwodesigns.com seemed an ideal way to feature some of them. Please remember - all the photos, photo embellishments, papers and other embellishments are wholly my own. These items are for Personal Use Only - no shares, no adding to other kits - freebie or otherwise.

Please have the courtesy to give me credit when using any of these and post your LOs in my gallery at Moo Two Designs if you would like me to feature them here on my blog so others can enjoy your wonderful pages too.

It's almost time to head back north - a bit hesitant as I travel the I-65 corridor to visit my children and grandchildren in Michigan and Indiana, and all the weather horros they've had recently make that a rather iffy way to go. Becki flew back down last weekend to ride back up with me. With my daughter at my side we'll just take it easy, and hopefully, be able to stop and do some sightseeing.

Friday, February 3, 2012

February 2012 Paint the Barn Color Challenge Freebie (Click Here)

Personal Use Digital Scrapbook Freebie - February 2012

Six more weeks of winter - according to the groundhog on Thursday! I hope it won't be too miserable as I plan to spend March with my children and grandchildren in Michigan.

In the meantime, what a color palette we had to work with for the Paint the Barn Color Challenge at Moo Two Designs. Red, orange, brown, rose and goldenrod. The first thing that came to mind was 'sunset' . . . it helped that I just happened to have a photo in the right colors - complete with a pirate ship in silhouette!

To be honest, I was rather fearful of the boldness of the colors, wondering how to pull off a usable kit. Once everything started going onto the preview I was pleasantly surprised - I really hope you will enjoy this one.

All photos, papers and embellishments are my own, so this is for Personal Use only. Please read and honor the TOU. And, don't forget to head to www.mootwodesigns.com/forum to see what else will show up this month if you're looking for bright, sunset colors to cheer up the Winter Blues!

Keep warm! Can't wait to see what layouts of yours I get to show off this month. There were several wonderful ones on the 'farm' in January.

Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Paint the Barn Color Challenge, Jan 2012, by Oreo's Meow

It's almost time for the February Paint the Barn Color Challenge at Moo Two Designs. Carol, (Oreo'smeow) created her challenge piece using my kit this month and gave me permission to share it with you.  Go check out some of the others in the gallery at www.mootwodesigns.com/gallery and be sure to join us.
Thank you so much, Carol. It's really lovely. I like the way you used the embellishments here and have such a lovely, clean-looking LO that simply expresses the sentiment. I'm honored over how you used my freebie.

Friday, January 6, 2012

Happy New Year, Everyone!

Grandson Miles helps me clean the snow off my truck

January 6, Epiphany. Time to take down the first Christmas decorations I've put up, inside, for several years.

Being 'home' in Michigan for my first Christmas since 2003, it felt good to put a few up with my granddaughter, Annika's help. To keep it simple, I opted for a Charlie Brown tree and Nativity, which she and Miles had great fun playing with when they visited. Parking in their driveway for a few weeks was fun for all of us.

After our shifts went from 10  to 12-hour days at Amazon, I was totally exhausted.. Hoping I would eventually adjust to all the new muscles getting such a major workout, I truly expected to stay through January. We received an email saying we could leave prior to Dec 23rd, for those who were not extending to January. When that came, I replied that I would take them up on the offer. Even returning to 10-hour days after New Years, I needed a long-overdue breather, and said goodbye, explaining why, in great detail. Surprisingly, they listened to my comments and said there would be a major revision for this year.

In the meantime, I'm enjoying my Michigan visit, which comes to a close on Sunday, when I head to Florida for two months and catch up with friends and family there before returning to Michigan in March.

Somewhere along the line, I made the silly assumption that I would have more time to get things done, being back on my own again. Ummm. Nope. Not happening. There always seems to be something going on, whether it's filling propane or water tanks, working on greeting cards, creating Digital scrapbooking kits and layouts, or running off somewhere with my children and grandchildren.. No complaints. It's all good.

Becki and I went to see War Horse in Portage, when it opened on Christmas Day. The theater was sold out, but the show was well worth it. I would really like to see the Broadway performance some day. The movie was excellent.

Sarah, Becki and I spent a great afternoon in Shipshewana after Christmas, To Sarah's great delight, she found an end table match to the coffee/end table set her Dad and I bought when we were married in 1968! And, it was about the same price. She still uses the original pieces. The girls also found fabrics that match some of their scrapbooking papers. When I commented that they could really have fun with both, they looked at me and laughed - as last year I designed matching fabric and papers for my Christmas gifting calendar! 

We've also had two great visits with my son and his family, in South Bend. I keep telling his oldest sons, Matt and Tim, that being taller than me now is totally against the rules. All they do is laugh at me with their new, deep voices. Weren't all my grands just born a couple of years ago???!!!! I don't feel any older, so why are they?

Well, I need to get off the computer and, reluctantly, put away my decorations. Stephen, Becki, Sarah and I are going out to a Middle-Eastern restaurant called Zooroona, in Kalamazoo tonight. For the past two years, they've met me at the airport when I flew up from Florida around Thanksgiving and we would go out to eat at Food Dance Cafe. Being here with my House on Wheels, we didn't have our dinner yet, so Sarah suggested we go out tonight. I saw their menu online. It will be hard to decide what to order. We may have to get four different things and sample each other's!

In the meantime, I wish each and every one, a brighter 2012. Last year did not bode so well for many of my friends - not just me!