Thursday, March 13, 2008

The Rally at Perry, Georgia

We arrived in Perry about 1:45 yesterday afternoon. The WillCall booth was easy to reach and we got our parking paperwork quickly! A volunteer led us to our area . . . where the first flag should have come up . . . the maps all indicated that Lot 1 was to our right, but those of us with a shamrock sticker were told to go left. In no time, we had rows of trying-to-be-patient new arrivals waiting to be led to our sites. Ours is definitely level, but so narrow that backing in the pickup truck is a bit of a tricky situation. We took it in stride, then headed off to the registration building.

The Rally program says there are shuttles to every lot . . . NOT! Ours not only offers NO shuttle service, but we had to walk 30 minutes to reach the registration building.

Registration was not only s-l-o-w, but there was no place for anyone to sit - and most of us from our lot already had sore backs from the uphill hike. Finally accomplished, we happily spotted a shuttle to 'Lot 1' . . . and ended up back where we boarded - no one told us that our lot was excluded altogether from the shuttle service.

We spoke to a manager who tried to tell us we were parked where we weren't. Then he offered us a refund, or a chance to relocate today . . . when the traffic let up. That still sounded so-so - although it meant missing two seminars. Once we hiked back to our fiver - accompanied by other unhappy campers who had also complained, we realized that we probably could NOT move our unit, as the roadways are too tight.

So, now we were miserable, but decised to go to Wal-Mart - to add to the misery, we also have the only lot with NO security lights, and the only way out of the lot is across a narrow bridge that's hard to find in the dark.

This morning we found out that about 20 others also complained yesterday. Hopefully there will be better shuttle service by tonight - but at least ONE is running closer to our area, and we can live with that for now.

As for the show, it starts in earnest tomorrow - and it looks like it will be a great one overall. Indoor entertainment will be a plus, plus a dance competition that's aiming to break the Guiness Book of Records on Saturday evening.

There will be so many vendors we may never get to them all. And RVs? Wow! Even a great variety of tow haulers. Better leave the checkbook in our rig!

No images to upload yet, we may have to wait til after the show as it's too awkward to bring our laptops up.

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

On the Road Again

RV Makeover (Winnebago) at Good Sam Rally in Daytona, Florida, 2006

As far as my nomadic lifestyle is concerned, winter is unofficially over. We closed up our house on wheels in the Tampa area yesterday and started northward - only as far as Lake City, Florida for two nights, as we're scheduled to reach Perry, Georgia, tomorrow afternoon for the always-terrific Good Sam Rally. We already have a list of all the seminars which start on Thursday and just have to get the 'feel' of the grounds to determine where everything is located.

For two nights we're enjoying one of our favorite Passport America campgrounds - Oaks n Pines RV Park on I-10 near Lake City. I did forget how close it was to the Interstate, but the sounds of the big rigs and the bikers leaving the huge Daytona Rally simply gets the blood revving up - rather like Canada Geese and Sand Hill Cranes with their semi-annual migrations!

After we set up yesterday, Mike decided to call his son . . . but was unable to find his cell phone. Calling it proved unsuccessful - both our phones easily convert to vibrate at inconvenients times. As we have no need to drive anywhere right now, we're still hooked up to the fifth wheel. We checked with the office - no phone. Mike tried dialling his number one more time - and a gentleman answered - he heard it ringing at the rest area where we had lunch on I-75.

Fortunately, he was heading toward Jacksonville, and had to pass right by the RV Park. He refused to take anything for returning the phone. Whoever you are, Good Samaritan, we both thank you .

Now we can relax today before our hectic weekend - but fun hectic - and two of the ladies I worked with at Camping World near Tampa will also be there to say hello to.