Saturday, April 19, 2008

Heading On Out...

Reflections of Boston Cape Cod KOA

Reflection of KOA Kamp Kottage

I'm a bit behind again . . . nothing new. Since leaving Georgia we've been on the go non-stop. We arrived in Middleboro, Massachusetts on March 21 and immediately started Workamping at the Boston/Cape Cod KOA, in unseasonably bitter weather. The cold is trying to snap, but it isn't unusual to see a 30 degree difference  in temperature between Boston and Plymouth. Someone will have to tell me if that's typical for this region. The Boston Marathon was held today in terrific weather. I'm sure the runners were happy about that.


I was hired to work in the store and reservations with occasional help in housekeeping and supposed to assist with adult arts and crafts later this summer. I also understood that I would   be working  full time


Map image

Boston/Cape Cod KOA, Middleboro, Massachusetts


Well, it didn't quite work out that way.  My hours keep being reduced while food and fuel keep increasing.  The typical price for diesel fuel is about $4.39 a gallon in this area. We were paying $3.73 when we left Tampa, Florida in mid-March.

The campground itself is company-owned and nicely set up. The location is ideal and there is a great deal to see and do with great local transportation - I certainly was not in any hurry to leave at this point.

But, I'm not 30, or 40, or even in my 50's anymore and have been spending more time cleaning bath houses, Cruise America Class C motorhomes  and Kabins - my least favorite things  to do on a daily basis. Solution: - It's time to move on. Monday morning we're off to New York's Catskills.


AndyLynn XI by the Plymouth Harbor Master Large e-mail view In the meantime, once the bitter cold eased up, there was time to go to Plymouth for some fun images. The harbormaster greets arrivals from this quaint building in the harbor. It's close to Plymouth Rock and a replica of  The Mayflower. Unfortunately, Plymouth Rock is under wraps for a few more weeks while being overhauled.


Plymouth Rock Overhaul Large e-mail view

this is the Monument which houses Plymouth Rock. My daughters told me that it was only visible at low tide - the high tide line is clearly visible on the rocks. The rock itself is in the boxy-looking thing in the opening at the bottom of the structure. But this is where the Pilgrims landed . The Mayflower replica is just out of sight behind the trees.


It's definitely a delightful town worth visiting - when the season isn't at its peak! It was quite cold when I took these pictures, but many Europeans are here on Spring Holidays and they're quite used to colder weather . . . but even they were wearing warm coats as I was!.