Sunday, February 10, 2008

Damani Fifth Wheel

Damani Fifth Wheel by Carriage
There are times when RVers 'dry camp' at rallies and other gatherings. It's typical in such instances to 'mark' your rig by means of a flag, kite, banner or other item that can be hung high off the rear ladder or a pole, as the majority of towables tend to be primarily . . . WHITE! And when everyone is parked in a large field it's easy to forget where your 'house on wheels' is at!
Lately, champagne, taupe and a soft dove grey have been appearing . . . and now, Carriage has introduced its unique, wholly-new Damani line . . . in a high-gloss RUST color as well as an attractive gray tone. This puppy needs no additions to locate it in a crowd. Everything about it is as different as it can get - though I have serious doubts that the loaded weight is under 12,000# as listed on the serial number label. (Sorry, Carriage, but I would be mighty uncomfortable pulling this with my 3/4 ton Dodge diesel pickup truck.)
Now, I can't say that this is high on my list of favorite external RV colors - but it was that very color that drew me like a mosquito to fresh meat to check out the inside. Honestly, I was expecting a rather basic interior . . sofa and table and chairs or dinette - maybe an easy chair or two - and possibly a desk and/or fireplace.
Did I ever have a wrong number! Visually, this floorplan is one of the most original I've seen. There are three equally different layouts - and I admit I prefer the bathroom and bedroom of the others which each have 2 slides. But the living room in this triple slide thoroughly intrigued me, featuring two large sofa-style seating areas.
It can easily seat about 10 people with room to spare. Personally, being as I'm constantly working on my computer and working with my photos and crafts, that dining table set-up would be ideal to spread all my paraphernalia about with room to spare. The two-burner stovetop and single, round kitchen sink weren't terribly user-friendly, but I was fascinated with the overall 'flow' of this unit.
The sofas, the kitchen, even the refrigerator placement, all follow along curves rather than flat surfaces. It definitely has an unusual feel about it. Even the bedroom builtins are more curved than straight and the bed itself has a 7 degree tip away from the wall which does make it easier to make up on the far side than most.
Definitely a unit worth checking out - but make up your own mind as to its' practicality for your own needs. Overall, I'll stick with my modest CrossRoads Cruiser 29CK. It's nowhere as opulent, but it still has features I rarely see on the highest-end units. It was definitely well-worth spending a leisurely hour checking it out.