Monday, March 3, 2008

When the Internet is Down, my Camera is Up

There's nothing more infuriating than having restricted internet time. We've been down at WigWam RV Park in Seffner, Florida, for several weeksa now, but there is an upside . . . I'm busy with my camera and creating greeting cards without interruption!

We were only able to get the lunar eclipse images through the full eclipse. Even my camera was able to capture some strong images until the clouds came after it reached its peak. The image on the furthest right was the soft glow of the total eclipse. What a thrill that was to see.

I've also been creating a new line of greeting cards that are getting some favorable comments, incorporating my own images and creative digital scrap booking techniques. Definitely not for the photography purist, but something I'm enjoying as the designs are my own and the possibilities are endless in scope.

One more week in Seffner, and we'll be heading for the huge Good Sam Rally in Perry, Georgia. We went to one in Daytona two years ago and are ready to enjoy another. In the meantime, it's time to start getting our 'house on wheels' ready to roll. Florida is so sandy and messy, but Mike's been having an easy time washing her down so she's bright and shiny for the road.

The inside also needs a good going-through . . . including the closets and collected junk from being in one place awhile. I found a great knife holder on sale at Camping World last week. I have a good one behind the stove, but when the cover's open it isn't easy to reach behind. This one fits tidily on my dish cupboard door and still closes securely. With new steak knives, it was imperative to have a holder easily reachable yet out of harm's way of small grandchildren. For about $5, it's exactly what was needed - hooray!

Last night we went over to Winn-Dixie and discovered their Prestige ice cream brand was featuring Plant City Strawberry Ice Cream. It is SO good, with huge pieces of berries. The Strawberry Festival is in full swing. For $2.79 one can enjoy a HUGE bowl of Strawberry Shortcake. We've been over twice - the second time my daughter was visiting from Michigan and my aunt and uncle drove up from Ft Myers to meet her. (I was adopted at birth and met my birth mother three years ago. Her brother winters in Ft Myers, so I get to visit them when I'm nearby - my half-brother is also in nearby Clearwater, so Becki got to meet three new family members on this visit).

Just as we finished up our wonderful treat, the skies opened up and it poured! It took Becki two days to get here due to snow and ice . . . then she was greeted by heavy storms in a not-so-sunny Florida! Fortunately it didn't last.