Wednesday, February 20, 2008

New Revelations in a Vista World

How many of you are going through the new Vista problems that I am? Sony has been wonderful in trying to help me as they arise, but it's so aggravating trying to find my way through the new 'doorways'. XP wasn't broke - why did someone have to 'fix' it?

1) System Restore . . . doesn't

2) Be vewy, vewy careful of what you install. A friend insisted I download her iWin JewelQuest program . . . sorry, iWin - no more games from you.

First, it sneakily adds a pop up announcing new games every time you go online;

second, it is bound and determined that you will sign up for online play; . . .

and third . . . it will make you become really friendly with your computer manufacturer's
online service techs! Out of nowhere, my desktop expanded wayyyy out of proportion.
Even opening images to edit them became impossible as they were effectively distorted.

Fortunately, Sony was able to come through and help me there, but I'm still waiting for feedback regarding the System Restore issue.

As if that isn't aggravating enough, the park I'm presently at keeps losing its WiFi signal . . . so I have to drive to a nearby hot spot to see where I'm at with the different fixes.

When my daughter got her new laptop a year ago, it still had Windows XP, so she's being spared some of these aggravations.

Now, one last surprisae, that the Sony reps keep 'forgetting' to comment on - and I hope I hear some feedback from some of you on this gem.

Supposedly, I have Windows Vista Premium Home edition . . . but the Sony rep indicated that my computer was actually shipped preloaded with Windows 98 - even though I can find no reference to 98 when I do a search or look within my computer - and everything opens under Vista.

Has anyone else heard anything about this situation????????????????

Sorry to have such a frustrating blog entry today. But I would sure like to know what's what in the scheme of things.