Friday, August 1, 2008

An Unexpected Sort of Day

August is here already. One more month and it will be time to hook up the truck and fifth wheel and say farewell to the Catskills. This summer has been so full of wonderful sights and terrific management staff, coworkers and seasonal campground guests.
The images in the top layout are from Yogi Bear's Jellystone Park at Birchwood Acres in Woodridge, New York, where I've been working since April. The bottom layout features some of the area sights - there's something for everyone here. Last Tuesday we took a drive along Rt 97 - much of which follows - or was part of - the former D & H Canal. We stopped at the Roebling bridge - built as an aqueduct across the Delaware River, bringling the former canal from Honesdale, PA , to Rondout, NY. Now it is a single-lane car bridge and automobile traffic crosses it instead of mule-driven river barges. I chose to walk across the unique suspension bridge (which was designed by the builder of the Brooklyn Bridge) along the towpathfrom New York to Pennsylvania. While crossing I was treated to the sight of a magnificent bald Eagle who calmly sat at the top of a tall pine tree, watching the river rafters floating by lazily below.
The Zane Grey Museum is close by on the Pennsylvania side, where the Lackawaxen and Delaware Rivers meet. Michael located the camp he once attended, over 6 decades ago - and later spent summers working as a waiter. It's closed now - a few of the old buildings are faintly visible through the overgrowth, but much of the property has since been sold and is home to delightful homes and beautiful gardens. Unfortunately the museum was closed, but the drive from Pt Jervis was beautiful.
Fortunately, I gave up my day off yesterday to fill in for a coworker. Unfortunately, it did not end up being an extra day as I woke up with a strange virus this morning and was unable to work. Friday is the worst day to be adsent in Reservations as our phones start ringing well before 9 am and don't slow down til about two - when the mass weekend check-in begins. It's the first day I've missed since we arrived so I feel terrible about that, but definitely was unable to pull my weight over there.
After sleeping most of the unexpected day off I decided to see if I could stay awake long enough for a long-overdue blog entry. But now, it's time to go and lay back down again for awhile.

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