Thursday, June 5, 2008

It's Early Allergy Time

So much for having a day off - my nose is singing songs I've never heard of as I pop allergy pills, sniff nose drops and blow my nose non-stop with Puff's Vics' tissues. Today is a 'mizrable' day. Working on the computer isn't terribly constructive as even a 17' laptop screen is still sraining my eyes. I started out this morning by proofreading a friend's resumee online - when I really wanted to work on my latest images. Having to concede to trying to get some rest today goes against my instinct. My mind will continue to formulate thoughts and ideas while my body screams at me to rest awhile.

Fortunately I was able to see "Sex in the City" in Monticello, New York yesterday. For those of us 'SitY' fanatics, it was cleverly melded as a true extension of the series with all our favorite characters as well as two newbies adding fresh input. Everyone will fall in love with Carrie's new personal assistant, Louise from St Louis who has a penchant for designer handbags. The introduction cleverly leads to understand how the four best friends reached this point of their lives. I enjoyed it enormously - even with my allergies starting up.

And, on that nore - I'm off to the shower and - hopefully - a brief nap.

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