Friday, January 4, 2008

Resume Cards for Workamping Resumes

Workampers enjoy a flexible lifestyle. Many of us are retired (or getting close but want to travel in a cost-effective manner). A few have positions with their summers off and this is an ideal way to travel the country and earn a bit of money to pay for expenses.

Quartzite, Arizona and Lakeland, Florida host job fairs and seminars in January through the great people at

Another good source for being noticed is at RV shows. Many campgrounds and resorts have booths and most are eager to discuss possible positions to potential seasonal employees.

I create 'mini-resumes' highlighting our strengths which we leave with prospective employers. Even if we are asked to fill out a work application, we still give them a card to staple with the paperwork. When we get call-backs, the business cards always mentioned in a positive way. They like the 'mind-joggers' after talking to so many people throughout the shows.

Inevitably, employers request images of our rigs and ourselves. Here and on the left side are four of the cards I've created for us - two joint cards, and individual as there are times when we may work in different neighboring locations.

We belong to Passport America - a wonderful half-price campground service which promotes beautiful campgrounds throughout the country and who give us credit when our name is mentioned.

Likewise, also credits us when new members sign up and mention us. On this card I was able to add those elements along the side of the card without totally drowning it out.

These are also a fun, inexpensive way to trade addresses with the new friends we meet in our travels.
Most photo editing programs offer an assortment of business card templates. They are a great way to start creating your own. Clip art can also be utilized, but the personal cards, such as these seem to gain a more positive input. I create ours without templates as I enjoy creating my own.
There are many papers on the market for printing perforated cards, but occasionally they don't line up properly. If you have problems getting them within the perameters, consider setting them as a 10-up setting, then print them on high quality photograph stock and cut them out with a paper cutter. It's considerably cheaper, and they look professional. (All the warehouse clubs have great photo paper that's ideal for these.)

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