Thursday, January 3, 2008

Blogging Along America's Roads

For a few years I delivered virtually anything that could be pulled with a one-ton pickup truck throughout the Continental U.S.A. Newly single, and a grandma (in her mid-fifties), the lifestyle was liberating. A laptop computer, cell phone, and digital cameras kept me linked to friends and family. But - fuel costs began to rise and truck repairs ate up my income. It was time to reconsider what to do - as long as travel was still in the picture. I was already a full-time RVer and thoroughly enjoyed my compact 'home on wheels' (my granddaughter's name for it).
When one door closes, another opens. I met 'Cigar Mike' online. He was ALMOST a fulltimer - with a vintage Airstream, and surprised to connect with a woman who traveled alone. He was also interested in my lifestyle and planned to hit the road himself after selling his home in Florida. He invited me down, offering me a place to hook up my unit, so off I went . . . before winter set in up north.
We're about as different as two people can be - but it keeps life interesting. We decided to try out Workamping. We both love to travel, and workamping gives us the opportunity to travel the country and work at campgrounds or other places for awhile. Pay is relatively low, but it generally includes our site. Our lifestyle precludes 'collecting', and our needs are minimal. Now we get to spend time exploring the areas we work at for up to 4 months at a time. It isn't a lifestyle for everyone - but it fits us.
Shortly after we merged our lifestyles Mike sold his Airstream and we headed north with my fifth wheel. With no slides and minimal storage it soon became a bit tight for both of us. Between our second and third Workamping venture we turned it in for a triple slide fifth wheel that has been a life saver. (See image at top left). Now life is much smoother, but as we go along we find that many of our former activities are being rekindled in ways that work with our lifestyle.
Mike used to be a woodworker and even lived on a sailboat for several years - that he built. He's already used those skills in four separate workamping ventures. I used to teach arts and crafts, and was a freelance photojournalist. This summer I'll be teaching arts and crafts again and my photography and journaling skills are being applied daily in many computer crafts I create.
Using this blog, we hope to share our travels, ideas and help others where we can. Hopefully you'll visit again and give us your feedback.

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